Nested Policy-map

Policy-maps do indeed have the ability to be nested inside other policy maps. When we engage in this nesting behavior, we refer to the policy as a hierarchical policy. This is typically done to configure multiple treatments to QoS. For example – we might want to traffic-shape all traffic to 3 MB; and then inside that 3 MB shaped traffic, guarantee Web traffic at least 1 MB of bandwidth.

Remember, we use a service-policy (normally done with interfaces) to  assign the QoS policies that we define inside the policy-map.

With the nesting of policy maps, there are some restrictions that you should be aware of. For example:

  • The set command is not supported on the child policy
  • The priority command can be used in either the parent or the child policy, but not both
  • The fair-queue command cannot be used in the parent

Here is an example of nesting policy maps:

Verifying your policy-map, is very simple thanks to the following show commands:

show policy-map
show policy-map interface int_name
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