Some basic EEM applets

Below you will find some very basic Cisco IOS EEM applets which can be used as a module in more complex applets, such as configuration wizards.

Obviously, EEM applets are able to be implemented for many automation use cases; i.e. monitoring SLA/tracks, making actions based on syslog patterns, re-configuring route-maps, ACLs, BGP configuration and whatever you can imagine…

Have in mind that in the first applet, I’ve used different values for each result, just to have it more clear and understandable; though as a matter of fact, from a Programming/Performance point of view, the less variables we use, the better it is. Also, these can be better tuned and get shortened based on specific scenarios and requirements, which I leave to the reader.

Timer showing the time only in one line:

event manager applet TIME2
event none
action 10 set _t "9"
action 20 puts "\rPredefined time is $_t"
action 30 while $_t gt 0
action 31  puts nonewline $_t"
action 32  wait 1
action 33  decrement _t 1
action 40 end
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