CCIE Security written: 1 – General Networking

Highlights of CCIE Security written Study Guide

Cisco switches have VLAN 1 already configured which cannot be removed for management purposes, because protocols such as CDP and spanning tree will be active.

Telnet (TCP) Packet Flow

Step 3: The PC sends a segment that acknowledges (ACK) the router’s reply. The first three steps are commonly known as the  TCP three-way handshake . It is possible for four packets to start a session if a parameter needs to be negotiated. 

A gratuitous ARP is an ARP request with its own IP address as the target address. It refreshes a device’s ARP table entries and also looks up duplicate IP addresses. Routers are devices that can send a gratuitous ARP. Continue reading “CCIE Security written: 1 – General Networking”

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