When you configure a summary address, Cisco NX-OS automatically configures a discard route for the summary address to prevent routing black holes and route loops.

OSPFv2 has the following configuration guidelines and limitations:

  • You can have up to four instances of OSPFv2 in a VDC.
  • Cisco NX-OS displays areas in dotted decimal notation regardless of whether you enter the area in decimal or dotted decimal notation.
  • All OSPFv2 routers must operate in the same RFC compatibility mode. OSPFv2 for Cisco NX-OS complies with RFC 2328. Use the rfc1583compatibility command in router configuration mode if your network includes routers that support only RFC 1583.
  • You must configure RFC 1583 compatibility on any VRF that connects to routers running only RFC1583 compatible OSPF.
Reference bandwidth for link cost calculation 40 Gb/s
Product License Requirement
Cisco NX-OS OSPFv2 requires an Enterprise Services license. For a complete explanation of the Cisco NX-OS licensing scheme and how to obtain and apply licenses, see the Cisco NX-OS Licensing Guide.
nexus7009(config)# feature ospf
Nexus7009(config-if)# ip router ospf 201 area

From http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/switches/datacenter/sw/5_x/nx-os/unicast/configuration/guide/l3_ospf.html

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